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 The Lord of the Rings: Тhe Return of the King (PC)

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PostSubyek: The Lord of the Rings: Тhe Return of the King (PC)   Mon Sep 27, 2010 2:26 pm

The Lord of the Rings: Тhe Return of the King (PC)
PC Game | Language : Eng | 1.45 GB

C us flew rare bird is not particularly popular on the PC "sleshernogo"
subgenre. In other words - one in the field against the huge number of
uneducated enemies. Of course, the question this niskolechko not in the
spirit creations professors, but that no one promised. You can get a lot
more money, declaring allegiance to the ideals of popular epic, but
because all the locations and characters look like used to film lovers.

DVD-quality personnel from all three parts of the film smoothly pass
into the engine at the scene, where control is passed unnoticed player.
Yes, and the gameplay is so dynamic, that reminds of Hollywood films,
than the traditional computer games. In terms of what is happening in
the scene compared to Return of the King can only "cinematic" shooters
like Medal of Honor or Call of Duty.

Information about the game:
Release date: November 4, 2003
Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: Electronic Arts Redwood Shores
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: PC
Voice set Language: English
Publication Type: RePack (based on the British license)
Language: English Russian
Tabletka: Not required
Size: 1.41 Gb

System requirements:
Minimum: CPU 700 MHz, 128 Mb, 32 Mb Video
Recommended: CPU 1.5 GHz, 256 Mb, 64 Mb Video

Extras. Information:
Russifier taken from the Zone of Games.

Features RePack
* Do not cut / converted. (In a pirated version of cut bonus video, here it is present)

fileserve.com 5bHKueP/LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part01.rar
fileserve.com MFGyq5r/LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part02.rar
fileserve.com aEaZSHf/LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part03.rar
fileserve.com JHbTMtt/LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part04.rar
fileserve.com zvb2QaZ/LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part05.rar
fileserve.com PyJWS3c/LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part06.rar
fileserve.com ygbPCCb/LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part07.rar
fileserve.com YcGGvPg/LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part08.rar
fileserve.com 6QtZbfM/LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part09.rar
fileserve.com 2TrAhER/LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part10.rar
fileserve.com yhp6KyC/LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part11.rar
fileserve.com UsgdqwK/LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part12.rar
fileserve.com W3RJVvZ/LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part13.rar
fileserve.com 7x9yWXJ/LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part14.rar
fileserve.com CDk2NKk/LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part15.rar

Mirror 1 :

filesonic.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part01.rar
filesonic.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part02.rar
filesonic.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part03.rar
filesonic.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part04.rar
filesonic.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part05.rar
filesonic.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part06.rar
filesonic.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part07.rar
filesonic.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part08.rar
filesonic.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part09.rar
filesonic.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part10.rar
filesonic.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part11.rar
filesonic.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part12.rar
filesonic.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part13.rar
filesonic.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part14.rar
filesonic.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part15.rar

Mirror 2 :

hotfile.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part01.rar
hotfile.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part02.rar
hotfile.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part03.rar
hotfile.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part04.rar
hotfile.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part05.rar
hotfile.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part06.rar
hotfile.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part07.rar
hotfile.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part08.rar
hotfile.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part09.rar
hotfile.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part10.rar
hotfile.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part11.rar
hotfile.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part12.rar
hotfile.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part13.rar
hotfile.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part14.rar
hotfile.com LOTRTRotKRePackAlexLAN.part15.rar


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The Lord of the Rings: Тhe Return of the King (PC)
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